The Rewards Program of a Lifetime!


     ZeekRewards is the collective advertising platform of a penny auction site Zeekler. You can earn 0.5%-7% from ZeekRewards daily Vip retail profit pool depending on the VIP Bids in your account.

     To compete with the “big boys” of the online auction industry we require a MASSIVE advertising campaign that would cost the company thousands of dollars a day. Zeekler’s team decided to pay YOU instead of
Google…for placing those ads and driving traffic and customers to the site.

     Share in the Company’s success simply for placing ONE FREE AD every day.

How it Works!

     Each night after the close of the business day (east coast USA time) the company tallies it’s sales and shares a portion of them with ALL qualified members, including you! depending on the VIP Bids in your account, You can earn as soon as today!!!

Here’s a scenario where you could be receiving $2,000 to $3,000 per month PASSIVELY.

     Let’s use a 2% daily cash-back figure in this example which you receive for placing ads daily (Please note: This is only an example and the actual amount will vary day to day, 0.5% to 7% daily). Say you reach 25,000 bid credits (you can do this even if you have 100-25,000 credits, in your VIP RPP), then you could start doing an 80/20 cash-out plan. Pay close attention…When you hit 25,000 bid credits in your account, if the daily award percentage is 2%, ZeekRewards will be awarding you with $500.00 each day. First of all, Reaching 25,000 VIP bids will not happen overnight.

     The 80/20 plan works like this Take 80% of that $500 (or $400) and put that back into your future growth by doing what you’ve been doing every day, which is mostly just bidding. Then, pull out 20% of the $500 (or $100) and use it however you want. That’s $700 per week, or about $3,000 per month in passive income!And keep in mind…these amounts can continue to grow day after day and month after month. You can do the 80/20 Repurchase setting  keeping in mind how much you want to earn.

That’s not all!

     Zeek Rewards has an incredible 2×5 forced matrix for it’s Premium members, You can earn up to $3.50 per Diamond, $1.50 per Gold and $.40 per Silver on every paid subscriber in your matrix.

1. Get 500 FREE! Zeekler Bids

- Go to, join for Free, you will receive 500 bids for free, just for joining, use the bids when you want, you can use them to win an item.

2. Receive Bonus Balance

- Join ZeekRewards ( Choose Free, Silver $10, Gold $50, or Diamond $99 )

Note: Bonus Balance are given during registrations only and not during future upgrades.

- Free membership: 100$ Bonus Balance

- Silver membership: 110$ Bonus Balance

- Gold membership: 150$ Bonus Balance

- Diamond membership: 200$ Bonus Balance

3. Buy VIP bids ($10 – $10, 000) within your Zeek Rewards Back office.

4. Use your VIP bids to Zeekler Penny Auction with the (%) products sign. Or

5. Give it away to others as a Zeekler Penny Auction Bids Sample or join to our 5CC Company Bid Pool.

     Even if you don’t win during the auction in Zeekler, your VIP Retail Profit Pool in Zeek Rewards is growing daily, nothing to lose your money. In your ZeekRewards Back Office you can access your Zeekler Penny Auction, FSCStore NewNetmail Accounts. All are automatically done for you right after registration.

Finally, your 10 minutes Daily Job.

1. Login to ZeekRewards.Com and place your free ad for your credit for the day.

Full How-To Video Trainings are provided in your back office. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

2. Submit your ad through your ZeekRewards back office

(Watch Video Tutorials Inside your back office).

3. Keep compounding your daily award until you are where you want to be financially!

That’s it! Now go play golf, or head to the gym, or whatever you like to.

More Explanation

If you join as a Free member, in your Retail Profit Pool Report, you will see a Dashboard like this.

Bonus Balance 60-Day Drop Off

You cannot make any cash out from your Bonus Balance until 60 day drop off cycle in which points gained during that period are transferred to your VIP RPP bucket.

60-Day Rule - Your Bonus Balance keeps growing everyday provided that you post one ad daily which is a requirement for you to be awarded points for that day. Once your Bonus Balance reaches 60-Day cycle, 100 points will retire (drop off), the awards say 125 points will be transferred automatically by the system to your VIP RPP bucket, see below.

In this case, you have now Zero in Bonus Balance and your VIP bucket has a 125 points. Because you are a free member, you can not make any cash out unless you will upgrade to a certain level(Silver,Gold,Diamond). Start to upgrade as a Silver member ($10/Month).

Your cash out is always dependent on your repurchase setting, as a default of 100% repurchase you can not see any amount transferred to your Cash Available bucket until you make a change in your repurchase setting.

In this example we have 125 points in VIP bucket and you want to set a 80/20 repurchase. Let us assume a 2% reward for that day, 125 x 2% = 2.5 points, since you are repurchasing the 80% which is 2.5 x 80% = 2 points will go back to the VIP bucket as a repurchase for that day and $0.5 will be transferred into your Available Cash. This is so small and you want a bigger earnings like $100 per day.

In order to achieve a bigger daily profit, you can opt to buy more bids like $10-$10,000. Once your VIP bucket reaches 10,000 or 25,000 you will be earning like $200 or $500 daily (for 0% repurchase and retire once 90 day cycle is reached).

Let’s try to use a 10,000 VIP points as an example with 80/20 setting with a 2% rewards for that day.

10,00 x 2% = $200

80/20 repurchase: $200 x 80% = $160 will be automatically repurchase a VIP bids

$200 x 20% = $40 will be transferred to your Available Cash bucket for your cash withdrawal.

Joining as a Silver Zeek Rewards Membership: 110 Bonus Balance

Joining as a Gold Zeek Rewards Membership: 150 Bonus Balance

Joining as a Diamond Zeek Rewards Membership: 200 Bonus Balance

Note: Bonus balance are only given during the 1st registration and not during later upgrades.You can buy VIP bids from $10-$10,000 depending to your budget and how much you want to earn financially.

Rules for ZR affiliates

Zeek Rewards affiliate members purchased bids must be given away to new zeekler members to qualify for daily rewards in VIP retail profit pool. If you give free bids to your existing zeekrewards or zeekler members you can only get 50% for VIP retail profit pool.

- Free members: can purchase bids for bidding in zeekler penny auctions but can not give it away to new zeekler members.

- Silver member: can give away up to 50 free bids per new zeekler member.

- Gold member: can give away up to 250 free bids per new zeekler member.

- Diamond member: can give away up to 500 free bids per new zeekler member.

The recipient must use the free bids in zeekler penny auction within 30-day period.

125% cap will be replaced by:

- 90 day rewards period (more profitable than 125% cap) for qualified giveaway purchased VIP bids.

- 60 day rewards period for Bonus Balance.


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